CONTACT PRINTER for the Instant Box Camera


Contact Printer for the Instant Box Camera. Makes the positive production very easy and quick.



A new addition to the Instant Box Camera: a contact printer. Typically, we use the provided negative holder to photograph our negatives and create a positive image. This method offers us a range of techniques, such as montaging and framing the negative. However, getting the lighting just right can sometimes be tricky.

The contact printer, on the other hand, is much easier to use. Essentially, it allows you to create an exact copy, and assuming the negative is of good quality, it becomes extremely simple to produce consistent positives. Below is a brief tutorial that shows you how easy it is to use and where to install it in your Instant Box Camera.

Next delivery end of May


The test we did are with Fomaspeed RC paper.

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dark wood stain, natural

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