The Instant Box Camera is a portable light weight dark room and camera in one. No prior experience needed. We provide very detailed instructions on how to assemble the camera and take photographs.



Have an Instant Box Camera party with your friends and family.

Our founder Lukas will come to you with 2 Instant Box Camera kits, and together with you and your chosen group he will construct the cameras and teach you how to use it. The workshop will take two full days with arrival on the day prior to the first day. Lukas will instruct you on the necessary tools and will bring supplies to take photographs.

If you have questions or would like to customise this workshop, send us an email.

The workshops can be organised from January 2024 onwards. Availability is limited.

If you are in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world please contact us for extra travel expenses. The 2200 Euro are within continental Europe as we can drive and bring the cameras in person.



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dark wood stain, natural

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