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The Instant Box Camera is a portable light weight dark room and camera in one. No prior experience needed. We provide very detailed instructions on how to assemble the camera and take photographs.



The Instant Box Camera is a portable light weight dark room and camera in one. Photographs can be taken and developed on the spot in black and white and colour. The camera comes in an assembly kit, including a 110mm f4,5 lens, trays, paper box and a tripod. The Instant Box Camera offers an affordable and easy to use solution for street photographers, schools and universities, as well as anyone who wants to experience the magic of mobile darkroom photography. Choose from two options: dark wood stain or natural wood. The dark wood option only needs to be varnished after assembly. It is the better choice if you want to paint the camera as you only need paint the outside and varnish the inside rather than paint it (it should be dark to absorb light) . The natural option is better if you want to give the camera a special wood stain like Mahogany.

The assembly kit consists of 307 pieces. Laser cut wood elements, screws, bolts, leather parts, trays, a light tight sleeve, a lens and much more.

There are a detailed video instructions on how to assemble the camera and tripod as well as a step by step video. All you need is wood glue, a hammer, screwdrivers, a small saw, masking tape and paint or varnish depending on your preference. No major building or wood working experience is needed. Just a bit of patience and detailed work. If you have construction experience it will take you about 1 day to assemble the camera and an additional day for varnish and adding the leather pieces. Painting can take a lot longer. We recommend acrylic (water based) varnish, dries fast. If you are unsure about your skills go for our fully assembled camera.

A note for those experienced with photography: The lens we include is not a high-end large format lens. It is an old soviet enlarger lens that we are able to get in larger quantities for a price that suits our project. The lens produces a slight blur on the bottom of the photograph if you take the 10x15cm paper size option. All images in our techniques section have been taken with this lens. It works wonderfully and we have used it for years.

We currently have 3 available. Shipping date is 20th of April / 10th of May




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